He NEVER Gave Up!

If you’re listing great sports records that may never be broken, right up there with the 56-game hitting streak of Joe DiMaggio, the 200 wins of Richard Petty and the 100 points of Wilt Chamberlain you’d have to include the name of Ben Beach.

What did he do? Well, to very little fanfare, he has become the only person ever to complete 50 consecutive Boston Marathons!

The more you think about that record, the more incredible it seems! And it’s not only a Boston Marathon record, it’s the longest streak for any marathon on the planet.

“It’s hard for me to believe myself,” he says.

“You certainly have to be lucky, because injuries can arise, travel complications, conflicts at work or family issues, any of them could have ended the streak right there.”

Ben was a freshman at Harvard University when he decided to enter his first Boston Marathon. That was in 1968. and hasn’t missed one since.

“I’m amazed something hasn’t gotten me,” he says.

“Maybe one of these years something might happen!”

Something HAS happened, but as a testament to his strength, courage and spirit it has not stopped him. Beach was diagnosed with a neurological condition called dystonia.

“It’s my brain sending a signal to my left hamstring to contract when it should be extending,” he explains.

“So if you look at me run now you’ll say, ‘that guy’s got a serious problem.’”

Beach understands that many people wonder why he just doesn’t give it up. To him, running has always been about challenging himself to exceed expectations.

Ageless Fitness teaches that those expectations may change, but the challenges can actually become even more important.

“Anyone who’s ever run in an event like a marathon understands that you have to learn to reach into yourself to keep going,” he says.

“and that’s what has given me the strength to deal with any obstacle, even dystonia.”

To hear Ben’s story in his own words head to – http://bit.ly/2S0XQAA 

“What really keeps you going are all those people out there with their enthusiasm and support, cheering each other on and helping you drive forward, stay motivated and feel good about yourself.”

Ben Beach’s conditioning has allowed him to keep his streak alive despite his illness.

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