From Dentist to Champion

Charles Eugster may have been the most important athlete ever to live. When he died at the age of 97, he had forever changed the perception of what was thought possible late in life. Charles held records in sprinting, decathlon, rowing and bodybuilding. He inspired countless others to get off the couch and move and […]

Mango and Black Bean Chicken Salad

Here’s a salad recipe that’s hearty, quick and satisfies even the pickiest of eaters! With tender, roasted chicken, flavorful black beans and sweet, tangy mango, this salad hits every flavor note without guilt. Whether you’re making a quick dinner, a lunch-to-go, or serving up a meal for company – this salad is truly a winner. […]

Here’s a new perspective

Do you exercise with the hopes of reaching a specific number on the scale? Or are you wishing to fit into a certain size dress or jeans? While having a goal is great, it will NOT ensure your success. Consider how many people you know who have had a specific weight that they wanted to […]

Easy Green Bean, Egg and Quinoa Salad

Here’s a tasty way to eat your green beans – tossed with quinoa, sliced plum and topped with hard boiled egg. This type of salad, where the base is a steamed vegetable and protein is added on top, makes a phenomenally fit meal that will help get you to your fitness goals faster than ever. […]

On the Edge and in the Moment

David Hackett’s life reads like a Hollywood script. A surfer turned skateboarder, he became a pioneer and an icon. He was a world champion at 15, but his life fell apart at 20 when his brother, suffering from bipolar disorder, murdered their mother. For the next two decades David’s life spiraled into alcohol and drug […]

Asian Chicken Dinner

Serve this flavorful Asian Chicken Dinner with a heaping side of dark leafy greens. This is the epitome of a meal focused on protein and fiber. It’s meals like this that will melt off body fat and improve your health and fitness. Enjoy! Courtesy of What You Need Serves 6 1 pound organic, boneless, skinless […]

I heard you cheat…

…on your diet. We live in society where food temptations are everywhere. Walk through a store and you’ll see the unhealthy food items displayed front and center. Turn on the TV and you’ll be assaulted with commercials for fattening foods. Open a magazine and you’ll notice glossy pin-ups of sugary snacks. Go down the street […]