Her Advice for Active Longevity

Most people believe that mental and physical decline is just a part of aging. The good news is, you have more control over how you age than you may realize. Dr. Vonda Wright, MD, an internationally renowned authority on active aging says when it comes to your fitness level the sky’s the limit. “I see no […]

White Bean Ratatouille

Today I’m sharing a healthy recipe with you that will please your taste buds while taking you one step closer to achieving your fitness goals. Ratatouille is a dish of cooked vegetables that originated in southern France. It is hearty and satisfying, like comfort food, with none of the guilt. This version contains white beans, […]

Albacore Lettuce Wraps

In order to ensure that you are shopping for the most healthy items at the supermarket I like to tell my clients to shop around the perimeter of the store – that’s where the fresh produce, eggs and lean meats are found. Tuna is one of those rare healthy items that’s found in the inner […]

Festive Hummus (Sun-Dried Tomato and Basil)

While the red and green speckles give this homemade hummus a jolly look, it’s the taste that makes it unforgettable. This dip makes the perfect party take-along. Serve it up with whole grain pita bread or fresh cut veggie sticks.       What you need Serves 12 1 (15 oz) can garbanzo beans 1 […]

Crispy Orange Chicken

Who doesn’t love crispy orange chicken? Forget the restaurant. Now you can stay in and make it yourself at home. Rest assured that this meal is filled with healthy ingredients that will not derail your fitness results.         What you need Serves 6 1/2 cup orange juice concentrate (fruit only) 3 Tablespoons […]

She Thought She Could Dance

Thanks to the popularity of dance shows on network TV, dance studios around the country are busier than they’ve been in decades. The fastest growing demographic taking lessons is people over the age of 50. When asked why they waited so long, many say they were afraid they would embarrass themselves. Quin Bommelje agrees. She […]

Why Turning 50 Was Her Best Thing to Happen

How’s this for extreme? Ellyn Brown ran three miles up a 3,500 mountain in 54 minutes and 57 seconds. At 54 years old, she became the first woman in the 19-year history of the Bird Ridge Race to run it in a time equal to or less than her age. Ellyn is as tough as […]