Proof that it’s NEVER too late!

Live your BEST years yet … What would give you the motivation to overcome any setback that has come your way? Are you over 50 and feel that you’ve already lived your best years and now it’s all downhill? It’s NEVER too late to begin to take some risks and begin living “Functionally Fit” full […]

Let adversity forge you on!

I was speaking with another Functional Aging Specialist peer from the Chicago area last week and she disagrees that any of you could relate or be motivated by a story like the following. I would love a quick response regarding what could I write that would help to forge you on? … Or DO stories […]

Apricot Chicken

Here’s a wholesome dinner that will please the whole family. Serve it with a scoop of quinoa and a serving of steamed broccoli for a complete meal. This delicious recipe for Apricot Chicken is a quick and simple dinner that’s filled with fiber and protein. Dinners like this will get you well on your way […]

Double Chocolate Mini Brownies

Boxed brownie mixes are filled with refined sugars and grains, so make with this wholesome recipe instead. It’s always a good idea to make these brownies in a mini muffin pan since this really forces portion control. Just eat one brownie and you’ll be able to enjoy this wholesome treat guilt-free! Also feel free to […]

Guide to guilt-free desserts

Desserts are a delicious and fun part of life… that is until you start working towards a fat loss goal. Then dessert becomes the enemy that pops up at birthday parties and get-togethers in the form of cake, cookies, cupcakes and candy, tempting you to give in. So what do you do? Give up desserts […]

Reclaim Your Health!

Live a life of significance … For several weeks now you’ve been receiving a couple of emails per week from me with an article, tip and a couple of recipes. TODAY, I want you to hear Abel James and how he reclaimed his health at 50+ years old. One of the most frustrating things for […]

Salmon Power Scramble

It’s important to start your day off with a healthy serving of protein and veggies. This recipe delivers both as salmon, broccoli and egg whites combine for the perfect protein-packed breakfast. Add a side of avocado for healthy fats and a serving of fruit for a delicious start to your day. Courtesy of What you […]